What we use to help you

  • Manual therapy – “Hands on” gentle moving of joints to reduce pain, or to restore movement in a joint.
  • Manipulative Therapy – “Hands on” stronger techniques often used on the spine. (Performed by postgraduate qualified therapists trained in these techniques).
  • Massage – Deep tissue, sports, muscle trigger point release, and relaxation.
  • Acupuncture – Disposable needles used.
  • Exercises – Stretching, strengthening, balance and coordination exercises, return to sport/recreational activity exercises.
  • Education – On your condition, self-management advice and instruction, how to prevent recurrence.
  • Postural correction – Analysis and corrective measures/exercises given.
  • Strapping – To help the current injury and enable more confident function.
  • Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.
  • Work station assessment and advice.
  • Splints, braces, support advice, fitting, and supply.
  • Electrotherapy – Ultrasound, TENS and electro-acupuncture.

Early Treatment

  • Will allow your injury to be stabilised and supported correctly.
  • Have your pain reduced or relieved.
  • Have any inflammation limited and reduced.
  • Correct advice given to give you the best chance of a quick recovery.

Follow Up Treatment

We provide follow up treatment to:

  • Maintain and then improve movement after injury.
  • Continue with reducing inflammation and pain.
  • Strengthen necessary muscles and/or stretch tight muscles.
  • Stabilise joints with excess movement, and move joints that are stiff.
  • Graduated return to normal work, activities or sports under guidance.

Final Stages

We also provide final stages of recovery including:

  • Advice and instruction on return to full activity, sport or work.
  • Postural correction and advice.
  • Work station set up advice.
  • Work specific help e.g. lifting, carrying advice and instruction.
  • Sport or work specific exercises given for long term recovery.
  • Prevention of re-injury advice and self-management techniques for the future.

Your Appointment

Your initial consultation will be approximately 30 minutes. Your physiotherapist will take a full history and examine you. Treatment will be given once a diagnosis has been established and discussed with you. Self-management techniques will be given and follow up bookings made if necessary.

Follow up sessions will normally be 20 to 30 minutes in duration.

Extended appointments are sometimes needed and this will be discussed with you if we think this is required.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your initial consultation to fill out any necessary forms and paperwork.

What to wear

To enable the therapist to do the best assessment and treatment for you, the body area concerned will need to be accessible. Robes, shorts and towels are available in the clinic however; we encourage clients to bring comfortable and appropriate clothes such as shorts and singlets to their consultation.

General Information

  • There is ample off street parking at the front of the practice.
  • Wheelchair access is available.
  • Children are welcome at the practice but must be supervised at all times. A toy box is available at reception.

Call the clinic today on 09 412 9063


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