ACC Co-Payments

Due to government changes to ACC funding in November 2009 Kumeu Physiotherapy now charges a co-payment per session. ACC will still fund part of the physiotherapy treatment costs, but this leaves a small component for the client to pay.

Initial/Follow Up Assessment


Extended Visit (Complex or Multiple Sites)


Acupuncture (additional)


Initial/Follow Up Assessment (GOLD CARD)


Private Clients

Initial/Follow Up Assessment


Massage – 30 Min


Initial/Follow Up Assessment (GOLD CARD)


ACC Claims

Kumeu Physiotherapy is registered as a health provider and therefore no doctor’s referral is required to claim through ACC. We are able to lodge your claim at the time of your initial consultation. Private clients do not require a referral for treatment. If you do have a referral from a GP or specialist it is advisable to bring this with you on your first visit.  Should ACC not accept your claim you will be liable for the costs in full.


Materials such as strapping, braces, lumbar rolls, soft collars, will incur a separate charge.
Acupuncture needles (disposables used) – $5 per treatment.


Payment is expected on the day of treatment. These may be claimed back on medical insurance (check with your medical insurance company).
Payment methods – Cash, Cheque, Eftpos, Visa/Mastercard.

We highly value our profession and the service we provide to you. We believe you will receive great value for money from our team of skilled health professionals.

Super Gold Card accepted = discount on treatment fees.

Our Services


Muscle, disc, joint (arthritis), nerve (sciatica) or postural problems. Recent or chronic problems …

Sport / Recreation

Muscle, ligament, tendon or joint injury. We can treat either recent or long standing injuries…


Utilise your own bodies natural healing abilities to help with pain or tissue healing…


Joint strains, swelling/stiffness, arthritic joints, dislocations, joint replacement…


Stress/tension symptoms and breathing problems? Work station design and set up…


After injury exercise programs for mobility, strength or stamina. Returning to exercise…

Chronic Pain

Help with chronic pain management, increasing activity and improving quality of life…


Our clinic stocks a sample of Metagenic’s supplements that support our treatments…