Sports Injuries – Spinal Manipulations – Acupuncture


sportShoulder strains, knee ligament tears, cartilage tears, tennis elbow, heavy bruising, wrist and thumb sprains, ankle sprains to name just a few.

We treat and help you to return to your normal activities after any joint or soft tissue injury. i.e ligament, tendon, muscle or joint capsule tear/strain/rupture.

Immediate treatment is advisable to get the earliest return to activity for you. We will help you to return to your pre-injury function.

You may however have a chronic injury (long standing), we will devise an individual rehabilitation plan to return you to optimal function as quickly as possible.

Exercises form a large part of treatment for mobility, strength and balance. These are progressed or changed as your condition improves.

We may also use massage, acupuncture, ultra-sound, strapping, or heat to give a few examples.

All levels of ability and fitness are catered for in our clinic. Whether you are a recreational walker, gardener, or an elite athlete returning to competitive sport, we can help you.